Below are testimonials from some of our satisfied NC workers’ compensation clients. Please feel free to call or click for your free consultation with North Carolina Attorney Kevin Bunn, a Board Certified Specialist in North Carolina Workers’ Compensation law.



My mother was injured on her job and was denied Worker’s Compensation. She was referred to Mr. Bunn for help. It took 3 long years of appealing and going through the NC Court of Appeals. Mr. Bunn never gave up and got her the compensation and benefits that she deserved. He fought for her every step of the way. I can honestly say that his Firm cares about the people they represent. We were treated like family. He allowed a tremendous burden to be lifted from our shoulders. I would highly recommend Mr. Bunn to anyone that needs representation or guidance for a Worker’s Compensation claim.

Shakeira Bass

Home Health Nurse

After I injured my knee, at work, I attempted to get the care and re-hab I needed through my employer’s health care program.  It appeared that my situation would require a long term solution that my plan was not prepared to accommodate.  I turned to Kevin for help with my situation.  His years of experience with Worker Compensation claims have made him one of the best in the State, and I was not disappointed with his handling of my case.  Not only is he knowledgeable in this area, but I found Kevin to be personable, fair and kind.  His attention to my needs was such that I felt my case and its equitable resolution were most important. Thanks to him, I now have the financial resources to handle my ongoing medical needs.

Eva C.

Auto Accident on the Job

A few years ago I injured while at work.  Following a brief hearing with a judge it turned out that half of my settlement was put into a “frozen” account until future notice.  One attorney said: “I may never see” the funds that were awarded me for worker’s comp and settlement money from the accident (hit by a drunk driver).    Someone recommended Kevin Bunn.   We never met before.  What I got was “the eye of the tiger” and the “other party” being won over to understanding that I was entitled to further fund consideration.  Mr. Bunn is on my rolodex.   When I need legal advice it is the number I call.

Charles Douglas Fyle

You want Kevin Bunn in your corner!

A great workers’ comp lawyer for a difficult case. Many months I struggled on my own trying to receive compensation for an on the job injury only to be denied by my company’s insurance dept. I found Mr. Bunn who reviewed my case and represented me. I won my case with a cash settlement. I felt very at ease in a very difficult situation with Mr. Bunn’s help and guidance. He gets the job done.

Workers’ Compensation Client

Unchartered Waters

Found myself in uncharted waters with a Workers Comp injury and felt very overwhelmed! I called Mr.Bunn and after our conversation, I hired him to represent me. I found Mr.Bunn to be extremely knowledgeable and up to date on all the workers comp laws here in N.C. . He took all the pressures off of me so I could concentrate on healing and returning to a normal life again. Thanks again Kevin and Joanne


Great Attorney

Mr. Bunn is a great attorney who was extremely helpful through the NC worker’s compensation process. I would recommend him to anyone who needed legal services for a worker’s compensation claim.


Protects your interests.

I used Mr. Bunn’s service on early 2000 first time. Then, I used his service couple more times during the subsequent years. He always listened carefully, explained clearly, investigated thoroughly, and responded timely. He is sincere and empathizes your situation and feeling. Most importantly, he protects your interests. He has my trust in full. In one occasion, I met Mr. Bunn with my son. After leaving his office, I told my son that Mr. Bunn presented a good example of making a decent living and doing meaningful things. Now, my son is also a lawyer. Thanks, Kevin!


Best workers comp lawyer in NC.

Kevin Bunn is the best workers’ comp lawyer in NC. I recommend anyone with a workers’ comp claim in NC to please call him for a consultation. Ms. Joanne is the best too.


Extremely helpful throughout NC workers’ comp process.

Mr. Bunn was extremely helpful throughout my workers’ compensation process. He got the best end result possible and would recommend him to any of my family and friends.


Awesome Attorney

Mr. Bunn is an awesome Workers’ Comp Attorney and his Paralegal, JoAnne is too! I trusted them with my NC Workers Comp claim and he came through for me! I was at a point where I was not sure what direction to take but Mr Bunn and Joanne both took that burden off my shoulders and they took care of all the paper work and the calling and contacting for me! I did not have to travel but one time to his office and that was for Settlement! That was a relief not to have to travel a lot! Mr Bunn and Joanne are both professional and sincere down to earth folks and they are easy to talk to unlike a lot of Lawyers offices. I put my trust in his reputation and it was worth it! I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs help with any kind of workers’ comp claim! I appreciate all your help!!! Shelia, RN. Back Injury.



Highly Recommend

I would highly recommend Mr Bunn. He and his secretary Joanne are very personable, caring and professional people.
NC Workers’ Comp Client



Don’t look any further, Kevin has over 25 years of experience and knows his area of practice inside and out. He helped my wife won her case. Thanks again…


Attorney Kevin Bunn and his paralegal JoAnne worked extremely well with me on my NC workers’ compensation claim and treated me fairly. Mr. Bunn obtained a fair settlement for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for assistance with a workers’ compensation claim in North Carolina.

Great help.

Kevin Bunn and Miss Joanne were of a great help and service to me. they assisted me in every matter and kept me in the loop. i would recommend their services to anyone who needs it, definitely worth the time.
NC Worker

Highly recommend.

Attorney Kevin Bunn and his paralegal JoAnne worked extremely well with me on my NC workers’ compensation claim and treated me fairly. Mr. Bunn obtained a fair settlement for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for assistance with a workers’ compensation claim.

Truck Driver

Husband Hurt on the Job

My husband was injured on the job, and he will have trouble with this for the rest of his life. We called several attorneys and they said nothing could be done. Then we called Kevin Bunn. He wanted all the information from the accident and the Doctors. And he said he would help us. He was great. He always kept us informed on what he was doing. Anytime we called or sent him a email, he replied that same day. Anyway to make a long story short, he worked hard for us! And my husband did get compensated for his injury. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who has been injured on the job in North Carolina.

Vickie Crews

Retail Sales Client

After speaking with several law firms in 2010, I began to feel discouraged about my worker’s compensation injury.  However, Kevin Bunn was up to the task, and we won my case!  That being said, I recommend Mr. Bunn not only because he won; he and his staff are prompt, thorough, and courteous.  I felt that he was upfront and realistic and always acted in my best interests.  His strong legal knowledge and experience is evident and it was remarkable to finally get results after years of frustration.

I highly recommend Kevin Bunn to anyone with a worker’s comp injury.

Nicole Flores

State Employee

Don’t try to do it yourself.  Kevin got me everything I deserved.  I would recommend Kevin to anyone with a workmans comp claim.

G. Gauntz

State Employee

Absolutely Loyal

He was dedicated to hearing my concerns while listening to facts presented. He remained professional throughout whole process. He and his paralegal were an awesome team from the first phone contact!


County Government Employee

Upon returning home from our last visit, which had excellent results, I felt it important to write to you and say thanks to you and your staff.

When I came to your office, I was down and out, and did not think I would have a case against my employer, a County Government Agency, who was armed with numerous attorneys to fight their case.. However, you and your staff happily took the challenge.

When I made my first visit I was more surprised that you and your staff were more concerned with my health, well being, and needed treatment, which eventually required surgery, which was much needed and very appreciated today. My wife and I were very happy with the ending of the case against the County Government Even you must have felt proud of your office’s expertise and care in the case.

After defending my Workman’s Compensation case, which had an excellent resolution, I later asked for legal assistant to obtain disability through Social Security. Again we came through with flying colors, exceeding our own expectations. There are no words to express my thanks for your legal staff. I will highly recommend anyone to your office for legal advice and legal representation.


Very Helpful NC Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Mr. Bunn was very helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend Mr. Bunn to any family or friends for a worker’s compensation claim.


Best Lawyer I Have Ever Come Across

I was referred to Mr. Kevin by another lawyer and Mr. Bunn took care of everything. He got me what I wanted and am grateful. He took care of me like I was a member of his family. If I ever need a lawyer or anybody I know needs one I will refer them to Mr. Bunn.


Strongly Recommended for NC Workers’ Comp

Very comprehensive and complete service was provided to me. Mr. Bunn answered all my questions and explained my options, from a legal perspective. Mr. Bunn was always available by phone, if I had to have a question answered. Legal issues can be stressful, but I am happy to say that my experience was pain free! I would strongly recommend Mr. Bunn for legal advice that falls within his area of expertise.

Transportation Industry Worker

There was never a time I could not reach you.

Dear Kevin,I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the great job you did for me. I have heard so many negative things from others about how they hire a lawyer and can never reach them. I have to say that there was never a time that I could not reach you. I know I had a lot of questions and I have to say that between you and your wonderful secretary JoAnne, I had every question answered. I also want to thank you for working so hard on my case and reaching an amout that far exceeded my expectations. I would never hesitate to recommend you as an excellent lawyer. Thank you for all that you and JoAnne did.

Satisfied NC Workers' Comp Client

Made it understandable.

Mr. Bunn handled a NC workers’ compensation case for me a few years ago. He was extremely professional and attentive, and made me feel like family. He broke the process down in a way that was understandable and made it easy to get through. His assistant JoAnne was great to work with and was always there to lend a hand. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing assistance with a worker’s compensation claim in NC.


Great Help.

When I have an issue that I think needs to be brought to the attention of an attorney, Kevin’s phone is always open. Even if it’s out of the area of his specialty, he is always of great help. Within his expertise, I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. “No play” would be one description I would use to describe him. He zero’s in on a target, like hawk seeking it’s prey. Totally efficient.
Kevin Bunn, attorney, friend.


Best decision I could have made.

When I was injured on the job in NC I did my research and decided to call Kevin Bunn. Needless to say it was the best decision i could have made. Kevin worked with me on my case every step of the way and was always a phone call away. He was honest and strait forward with me from beginning to end and got me a very fair settlement. If you need a NC workers comp attorney I highly recommend Kevin Bunn. Kevin and his paralegal JoAnne are in my opinion the best in the business.


Fights for the little man in NC workers’ comp.

What a great person. Even gets the little man what they deserve!!


Highly Respected.

Mr. Bunn was straightforward and a highly respected good attorney. I recommend anybody looking for a workers’ comp lawyer in NC contact Mr. Bunn. He can represent me any time.


Great Lawyer.

Kevin Bunn is a great lawyer and a great man. I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have had him representing and working for me over the past few years. I found him by word of mouth while I was looking for a lawyer to handle my worker’s compensation claim and my application for social security disability. He was one of the only lawyers I found in the area who would handle both of these. I knew from the first time I met him in person that he was the right choice. Kevin is a straightforward, honest, rational, down to earth and very kind person who went above and beyond to help me and to bring forth favorable results on all fronts for my situation. He always explained things well, we were always on the same page before making any moves, and I truly felt like he put me as a person first and foremost, before lawyer fees or anything else like that. I honestly only have positive things to say about Kevin and my experience working with him. Also, his paralegal JoAnne is awesome, and it always cheered me up to hear her voice on the phone. I highly recommend Kevin Bunn to anyone who is searching for top notch representation for their worker’s compensation claim or social security disability application. Thank you, Kevin and JoAnne!


Highly Recommend.

I was injured at work in 2008 and needed the best NC Workers Compensation lawyer I could find. After talking with others I received a suggestion to contact Kevin Bunn to handle my case. I consulted with Mr. Bunn and contracted him to represent me. I know that Mr. Bunn has represented and directed me to the best of his ability. I’m very appreciative of his legal knowledge, and that of his staff, especially Joanne Latta, in order for the outcome of my case to work to my advantage. Mr. Bunn and Joanne have always acted promptly in answering my phone calls and emails. I can’t thank them enough and I would certainly highly recommend Mr. Bunn to anyone seeking a Workers Compensation lawyer in NC.


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