The state of North Carolina has opened a brand new tool to aid those who are job hunting, including injured NC workers.  The new website will replace NCJobConnector.  It is estimated that the new website will save the state nearly $10.2 million over the next 5 years.
The website is completely free to all users and allows employers, the unemployed, and injured NC workers to connect more quickly and efficiently. NCWorks allows users to search for jobs through thousands of posts, and websites, even popular websites like CareerBuilder.  When an employer posts a job opening online, it automatically links in with NCWorks.
The new website also includes opportunities for injured NC workers to receive education and job training for certain jobs as well as helps individuals build resumes and write cover letters by supplying examples. NCWorks even allowsInjured NC workers to apply for positions online.  To fill out job applications through the website, users must build an account which needs certain personal information like age, date of birth, Social Security number etc. The State represents that all information that the users provide on NCWorks will remain completely confidential and will not be shared with future employers.
NCWorks provides a good opportunity for injured NC workers’ to become more connected with potential employers while saving the state millions. The state is confident that NCWorks will be a successful investment for North Carolina.
Many people who are drawing workers’ comp benefits in NC are looking for work.  In fact, a thorough job search can be an important component of a workers’ comp claim.  However lingering high unemployment rates continue to make it difficult for workers’ compensation claimants in North Carolina to find work, so any help is certainly welcome.
Please call or email for information about your NC workers’ compensation case or for a free consultation with a NC workers’ compensation attorney.
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