NC Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Applauds that Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage to be Public Again. North Carolina legislators indicated earlier this week that they will consider a bill that would once again allow North Carolina workers to check to see if their employers carry required NC workers’ compensation insurance. The North Carolina Rate Bureau, the North Carolina Industrial Commission and the North Carolina Press Bureau all agreed to the proposed change. The change will undo a law passed last summer that made the information secret. Legislative leaders indicated they were unaware when they recently passed changes to North Carolina workers’ comp law that it would shield the insurance information from the public. Previously, the Rate Bureau had objected to the release of its members’ “proprietary” information. The announcement of the agreement came at a special legislative study commission studying problems in the NC workers’ compensation system. The leaders indicted they do not see any significant barriers to passage of the revised legislation next year. The News & Observer recently reported that as many as 30,000 employers that are required to carry workers compensation insurance may not actually have the coverage. The N&O’s analysis was based on databases of employers and insurance carriers. But the changes earlier this year made much of that information secret. The North Carolina Industrial Commission is charged with administering the North Carolina Workers’Comp Act and has traditionally relied on the Rate Bureau to provide information about NC businesses and their workers’ comp policies. A separate task force of state leaders is meeting to develop recommendations for sharing workers’ compensation insurance information among state agencies and beefing up penalties for businesses that fail to obtain the coverage. They are also considering ways to prevent employers from avoiding their responsibility to provide workers’ compensation by treating employees as subcontractors. Failure to carry insurance may leave injured workers without payments for lost work or medical expenses. It also leaves employers that play by the rules at a competitive disadvantage. NC workers’ compensation lawyers say that identifying businesses that avoid their responsibility to carry workers’ comp insurance is a top priority. North Carolina employees who are injured on the job and don’t know if their employer has workers’ compensation insurance should contact a NC workers’ compensation lawyer. Frequently, employers will mislead their injured workers about whether they have insurance in order to discourage the employee from filing a claim. A NC workers’ compensation lawyer can determine whether workers’ compensation insurance is actually in place. Your NC workers’ comp attorney can also determine if other workers’ compensation insurance may be applicable, particularly if the employee or employer was a sub-contractor, and pursue the employer individually for damages if the employer should have had insurance but did not. Please call or contact us for your free consultation with a North Carolina workman’s comp lawyer. About the author:  Kevin Bunn, North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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