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NC Workers’ Compensation Info

Below are articles on various NC Workers' Compensation issues.  Learn how to tell if you have a NC workers' compensation case, how to file a NC workers' compensation claim, the benefits that are available and whether you should accept a settlement.  This information is provided by Kevin Bunn, a Board Certified Specialist in NC Workers' Compensation Law.  Please call or email for your free consultation.

Is my injury covered by workers comp in nc

Is My NC Workers' Comp Injury Covered?

I am frequently asked: Is my NC Workers’ Comp Injury covered under the NC workers’ comp system? Workers’ comp in North Carolina covers only employees who are injured as a result of an on the job accident that arises out of their employment. Employers and their insurance carriers are skilled at using these limitations to deny […]
How to file a NC workers' compensation claim

How to file a NC Workers' Compensation Claim

If you are injured on the job in North Carolina it is your responsibility to both 1) give your employer notice of the injury or illness, and 2) file a NC Workers’ Compensation Claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.  This is true even if the employer knows about the injury or illness or is paying […]
medical treatment in nc workers comp

Medical Treatment in NC Workers' Compensation

  When an injury is covered by workers’ compensation it is the responsibility of the employer or its workers’ compensation insurance company to provide medical treatment.  This is typically done by identifying a private medical provider to provide the treatment.  Some employers, typically large manufacturers and hospitals, may have in-house medical services. The treatment that […]
NC Workers' Compensation Settlement

Should you take a NC Workers' Compensation Settlement?

One of the most critical decisions an injured NC worker will make is whether to accept a NC Workers’ Compensation Settlement.  Often an insurance adjuster or even an attorney working for any employer will contact an injured worker to discuss settlement.  If you have not already consulted a Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in North […]
NC Workers' Comp Lawyer Kevin Bunn

Consult a NC Workers' Compensation Lawyer

  You should seriously consider hiring a NC Workers’ Compensation Lawyer if: you have concerns about whether you are doing the right thing with your NC workers’ comp case; your NC workers’ comp claim is denied; you have a serious workers’ compensation injury that will require surgery or will cause you to miss a significant […]
North Carolina Industrial Commission


  NORTH CAROLINA WORKERS’ COMPENSATION LAW RESOURCES NORTH CAROLINA INDUSTRIAL COMMISSION - The North Carolina Industrial Commission is charged with administration of the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, which is the basis for North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law.  It is a division of the North Carolina Department of Commerce.  Older references to “Workmen’s Compensation Act,” “Workmen’s Compensation” […]
NC Workers' Comp Questions

NC Workers' Comp Questions

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked NC workers’ comp questions. This information provided by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. For information about your own NC Workers’ Compensation claim please contact NC Workers’ Compensation Attorney Kevin Bunn. Kevin is a Board Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law.   Q: Who is required […]