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Kevin Bunn - Attorney

Kevin Bunn - Attorney

Board Certified North Carolina Workers' Compensation Specialist

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Are you wondering if you have a NC workers’ compensation case? Are you worried that you are not getting the medical treatment or disability payments you deserve? Do you have questions about whether you should accept an injury “rating” or settle or “clincher” your NC workers’ comp case? If so you have come to the right place. NC Workers’ Comp Attorney Kevin Bunn is here to help.

If you are injured on-the-job in North Carolina you have important rights under Workers’ Compensation law in North Carolina. But there are critical time limitations on your workers’ comp case in NC. It is up to you to make sure these rights do not slip away. Do not rely on your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance company to tell you what is best for you.

NC Workers’ Comp Lawyer Kevin Bunn has received top ratings from clients, judges and lawyers for his knowledge and professionalism, including the prestigious AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell. He is among the elite attorneys in North Carolina to have been certified as an expert in NC workers’ compensation law by the North Carolina State Bar. Kevin has been designated as one of the Best Lawyers in America for Workers’ Compensation Law – Claimants. He is also the co-editor of North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law: a Practical Guide to Success at Every Stage of a Claim.

For over 20 years Kevin has worked to help injured NC workers. Let him help you. Please fill out the contact form on this site or call today for your free, no-risk consultation with Board Certified NC Workers’ Comp Attorney Kevin Bunn. There is no upfront payment required if we take your case.

Located in Cary, NC, convenient to I-40 and Raleigh. Kevin Bunn provides legal services to injured workers across North Carolina, including Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Durham, Fayetteville, Wilmington, High Point, Rocky Mount, Wilson, and Greenville.

Some of Our Frequently Asked NC Workers’ Compensation Questions

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Should you talk to a workers’ compensation attorney about your case? How can an attorney help you with your claim? What is a Board-Certified Expert in North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law?

Is Your Injury Covered?

Have you been injured on the job in North Carolina? Learn if your injury is covered under workers’ compensation and if you have a workers’ compensation case.

How to File A Claim

Learn when, where and how to file your workers’ compensation claim in North Carolina. Avoid the common filing mistakes that can kill your claim.

Medical Treatment

Are you getting all the medical treatment you should for your injury at work? Learn what medical treatment is covered under workers’ compensation in North Carolina and how to get it.

Disability Benefits

Learn when you should be paid wage replacement benefits in your North Carolina workers’ compensation case, how the disability payment is calculated, and how long it is paid.

What is An Injury Rating?

Have you received a disability rating? Learn why accepting payment of a rating is often not the best idea for your North Carolina workers’ compensation claim.

Occupational Diseases

Is your work related medical condition covered by workers’ compensation in North Carolina? What should you do if it is?

NC Death Claims and Benefits

Learn what to do when a loved one dies on the job in North Carolina. How much are the benefits and who are they paid to?

North Carolina Industrial Commission

Learn about the state agency that administers the workers’ compensation system in North Carolina and acts as North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Court.

Should You Settle Your Case?

Has the workers’ comp insurance company asked you to settle your North Carolina workers’ compensation case? Are you thinking about a clincher agreement? Learn about whether it makes sense to settle your workers’ compensation case in North Carolina

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Top Ten Tips and Traps for North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claims

After twenty years of practicing workers’ compensation law in North Carolina I have seen just about every mistake an injured worker can make.  These mistakes range from failing to file their claim, to settling when they should not have, and everything in between. Download my Top Ten Tips and Traps for North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claims

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