Do you need a NC Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Nobody wants to get hurt at work. But sometimes accidents happen.  Unfortunately the medical and financial consequences can be very serious for the injured worker and his or her family.

You should consult a Board Certified NC Workers’ Comp Lawyer if:

NC Workers’ Comp Lawyer Kevin Bunn

If you have questions about workers’ compensation law in NC a Board Certified NC Workers’ Compensation Lawyer can help. A NC workers’ compensation lawyer will help you understand the workers’ comp laws and process in North Carolina, and help you be sure you get all the workers’ comp benefits you are due. A North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer will help prepare and file your claim, obtain and evaluate important information such as medical records, negotiate with the employers’ insurance carrier, and handle any hearing necessary before with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Additionally, a workers’ comp lawyer can help you understand the relationship between workers’ compensation and other benefits, including short or long term disability, health insurance, Social Security benefits, and FMLA.

Many injured workers have questions about their medical treatment or disability benefits. Some want to know if their injury is even covered under workers’ comp in North Carolina.  Workers’ compensation law in NC is very complicated. You can not rely on your employer or their workers’ comp insurance company to tell you what is best for you. Remember that the employer or their insurance company will have an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer or adjuster working on their behalf.

Choosing an experienced North Carolina attorney to assist you with your NC workers’ compensation case is an important decision. Make sure you hire a Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorney that regularly handles North Carolina workers’ compensation cases before the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC). You can interview more than one lawyer. Be sure you are comfortable with the lawyer you retain to handle your case.

Once you have selected an attorney to interview about your NC workers’ comp claim, be prepared to provide as many facts and details as possible during your initial consultation. This will help your attorney make an informed decision about whether you have a valid North Carolina worker’s compensation claim and begin preparing the claim if you do. A NC workers’ compensation lawyer needs to know whether a workers’ compensation claim has been filed with the North Carolina Industrial Commission, which forms have been submitted and whether this is an accepted or denied claim. You will also need to bring a copy of any and all correspondence from your employer and / or adjuster regarding the on-the-job accident, as well as any incident report that was prepared. Last, but certainly not least, be prepared to provide your lawyer a list of medical providers you have seen for your N.C. workers’ comp injury.

If we represent you in your NC workers’ comp case, often called NC workmen’s comp or NC workman’s comp, we will be paid a percentage of the benefits we recover for you. We provide free consultations. We will not take your case unless we believe we can get a better result for you than you could get for yourself.

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