There are several sources of Workers’ Comp Laws in North Carolina, including the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act, caselaw, as decided by the NC appellate courts, and the rules of the North Carolina Industrial Commission.


So, what are the sources of North Carolina workers’ comp laws? There are several. First, workers’ comp, or workmans comp, is a creature of statute. The North Carolina General Assembly established the system for administering the workers’ comp system and tweaks it from time to time. The laws directly relating to workers’ comp are found in Chapter 97 of the North Carolina General Statutes. Second, the appelate courts, which include the North Carolina Supreme Court and the North Carolina Court of Appeals, hear appeals from the North Carolina Industrial Commission and interpret those statutes. Third, the North Carolina Industrial Commission administers the workers’ comp act, making decisions about each case presented. Industrial Commission opinions and awards, their decisions, are available on their website and are informative as to how a particular issue is treated. Finally, the Industrial Commission adopts its own rules for administering claims.

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