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Do you have a Case?

If you are hurt on the job in NC, or while you were working somewhere else for a NC company, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. You may also qualify if you develop a disease or other medical condition related to your job. Unfortunately, not all workplace injuries are covered.img

How to File a Claim

It is important to take quick action to protect your NC workers’ compensation claim. This is true even if your employer has denied your claim. Be sure to give notice of your injury to your employer and to file your claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission. But be careful not to lose your claim in the process.img

Medical and Wage Benefits

NC workers’ comp provides weekly payments based on your ability to work. You should also receive medical treatment for your injury with no deductible and no co-pay. The amount of your payments, how long you receive them and the quality of your health care may depend on how your case is handled.img
NC Workers' Comp Lawyer Kevin Bunn

NC Workers’ Comp Lawyer Kevin Bunn

Are you wondering if you have a NC workers’ compensation case?  Are you worried that you are not getting the medical treatment or disability payments you deserve?  Do you have questions about whether you should settle or “clincher” your NC workers’ comp case?  If so you have come to the right place.  NC Workers’ Comp Attorney Kevin Bunn is here to help.

If you are injured while on-the-job in North Carolina, or while working for a North Carolina company in another state, you have important rights under North Carolina Workers’ Compensation law.  But there are important time limitations on your workers’ comp case in NC. It is up to you to make sure these rights do not slip away.  Do not rely on your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance company to tell you what is best for you. Get help from a Board Certified workers’ compensation lawyer in NC.

NC Workers’ Comp Lawyer Kevin Bunn has received top ratings from lawyer rating agencies for his knowledge and professionalism and has been certified as an expert in NC workers’ compensation law by the North Carolina State Bar. Kevin is located in Cary, NC, convenient to I-40 and Raleigh. He provides legal services to injured workers across North Carolina, including Rocky Mount, Fayetteville, Wilson, and Greenville.

Please fill out the contact form on this site or call us today for your free, no-risk consultation with experienced NC Workers’ Comp Attorney Kevin Bunn.  For over 20 years Kevin has worked to help injured NC workers.  Let him help you.