What is a NC workers’ comp settlement?

A workers’ compensation settlement is a full and final settlement of the entire case. This includes all medical benefits and wage replacement payments. A workers’ compensation settlement is often referred to by North Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys as a “clincher agreement.”

A NC workers’ comp settlement is different from accepting the a payment of a permanent partial disability rating under NC General Stature 97-31. The payment of a rating does not end medical or wage replacement benefits but may begin the clock ticking on the end of those benefits. Settling or “clinchering” your claim your claim on the other hand ends the case immediately and permanently.

Settlements must be approved by the North Carolina Industrial Commission in order to be valid.

Do you have to settle your NC worker’s compensation case?

Although many cases settle, there is no requirement that you settle your NC workers’ compensation case. A worker who is badly injured and unlikely to every work again should be very careful in deciding whether to settle or clincher their workers’ comp claim.

How much is a fair amount for a workers’ comp settlement in North Carolina?

There is no such thing as a workers’ compensation settlement calculator. A fair NC workers’ comp settlement amount depends on many factors, including the cost of future medical treatment, the Average Weekly Wage and Compensation Ratethe likelihood that you be entitled to disability benefits in the future, and whether the claim is accepted or denied.

What happens after you settle you NC workers’ comp case?

Most injured North Carolina workers do not think enough about what will happen after they settle their workers’ comp case. A settlement can effect your right to other benefits, including further health plan coverage, medicare benefits, Social Security Disability payments, private short-term or long-term disability insurance payments, and other important rights. One of the most complicated tasks facing a NC workers’ comp attorney is patching together the best combination of benefits available to the injured worker. There is no “one size fits all” solution.

What should you do before you settle your workers’ compensation case?

Before settling your case you should consider talking with Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorney. Kevin Bunn is a certified expert in North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law. Please look at our reviews then feel free to call or email for your free consultation.

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