Sometimes people who have a workers’ comp case in NC need to move out of state. So, what happens to your NC workers’ comp case if I you move?

A workers’ compensation claim that is filed in North Carolina under the Workers’ Compensation Act remains under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Industrial Commission even if you move outside of North Carolina.

Under NC law, claims fall under the NC Act if the accident occurs in NC, the company is based in NC, or the employment contract was entered into in NC. Many workers’ comp (workman’s comp) claimants never live in North Carolina and the entire claim is handled while they live in another state.

Receiving workers’ compensation benefits in another state can complicate the claim, especially with regard to medical treatment. For example, a doctor willing to be paid under the North Carolina medical fee schedule must be identified. There can also be effects on the ability to return to suitable employment and continuing disability.

If you have questions about what happens to your workers’ comp case if you move please call me for your free attorney consultation.

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