North Carolina Workers’ Comp, sometimes referred to as workman’s comp or workmen’s comp, is the administrative system set up in North Carolina to compensate workers who are hurt in a workplace accident. The North Carolina workers’ comp system is established by the NC General Assembly and is administered by the NC Industrial Commission (NCIC).

The workers’ compensation system removes on-the-job accidents from the civil tort or negligence process and largely stops employees from suing their employers for workplace injuries.  NC workers’ compensation applies only to injuries by accident. Back injuries and occupational diseases are treated differently. A back injury requires a specific traumatic incident. For an occupational disease to be compensable in NC the employment must substantially contribute to the condition and the employment must place the worker at a greater risk for the condition than the public at large.

North Carolina law requires employers with three or more workers to participate in the system. Subcontractors have to provide workers’ comp in NC if they employ even one person. Most NC employers buy workers’ compensation insurance to cover their risk. Some companies are self-insured. Some businesses purchase workers’ compensation insurance even if they are not required to have it.

A North Carolina workers’ comp lawyer can review your particular circumstances and help you determine if you have a viable workers’ compensation claim. A  lawyer can also help you understand how to properly file and pursue your claim.

Kevin Bunn is a Raleigh area Board Certified North Carolina workers’ compensation lawyer. We serve injured workers in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Rocky Mount, Fayetteville, Greenville, Wilson, Durham and across North Carolina.  Please call or email for your free consultation.

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Top Ten Tips and Traps for North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claims

After twenty years of practicing workers’ compensation law in North Carolina I have seen just about every mistake an injured worker can make.  These mistakes range from failing to file their claim, to settling when they should not have, and everything in between. Download my Top Ten Tips and Traps for North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claims

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