Has someone told you that you need a North Carolina Workers’ Comp Attorney? If so you may be wondering what role your attorney will play in your workers’ comp case in NC. Keep in mind that hiring a NC workers’ comp attorney is an important decision and should not be taken lightly.

You can expect your North Carolina workers’ comp lawyer to advise you on whether your injury by accident or occupational disease is covered under North Carolina Workers’ Comp Law. Your lawyer should also properly file your workers’ comp claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission and with your employer. Your workers’ comp attorney should work to be sure you are receiving all the medical treatment and disability benefits you are entitled to. Your lawyer will also help you decide if you should take your workers’ comp rating, and help you determine whether to settle your NC workers’ comp claim.

It is very important that your NC workers’ comp attorney communicate with you. Talk to a lawyer before you hire him or her. When you go to meet your workers’ comp attorney in North Carolina be sure to take all of the relevant documents and information with you, including any medical records, Industrial Commission forms, communications from your employer, copies of wage replacement pay stubs and information about your normal, pre-injury wages. Workers’ Compensation cases in North Carolina can take years to resolve. Take the time to be sure you have the right North Carolina Workers’ Comp Attorney for you.

If you have questions about your on the job injury in North Carolina please call or contact Board Certified North Carolina Workers’ Comp Attorney Kevin Bunn for your free consultation.

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Top Ten Tips and Traps for North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claims

After twenty years of practicing workers’ compensation law in North Carolina I have seen just about every mistake an injured worker can make.  These mistakes range from failing to file their claim, to settling when they should not have, and everything in between. Download my Top Ten Tips and Traps for North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claims

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