Certain North Carolina State employees, including law enforcement officers and teachers, may be eligible for salary continuation benefits while on workers’ comp. While workers’ compensation pays only 2/3’s of the salary the injured employee was making prior to the injury, salary continuation replaces 100% of the pre-injury wage.

In general, law enforcement officers subject to the Criminal Justice Training and Standards Act may qualify for up to two years of salary continuation if they are unable to perform assigned duties as “the result of an injury or injuries resulting from or arising out of an episode of violence, resistance, or due to other special hazards that occur while the eligible person is performing official duties.” NCGS 143-166.14. Drivers license examiners and Department of Corrections employees may also be eligible for salary continuation for certain on-the-job injuries.  North Carolina public school teachers may be eligible for up to a year of salary continuation if they are injured as a result of an “episode of violence.”

After the salary continuation period is up the injured worker shifts to workers’ compensation payments if they remain disabled. Under North Carolina law, medical benefits are payable during the salary continuation period as in any other NC workers’ compensation claim.

Salary Continuation is an excellent benefit for those who qualify.  Most injured workers receive less in disability payments than they were earning in wages.  Salary continuation relieves this for at least some period of time.

If you are a NC state employee and have questions about your workers’ compensation claim please call or email experienced NC workers’ comp lawyer Kevin Bunn for your free consultation.

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