Thank you to Michigan workers’ comp lawyer Jeffrey Kaufman for contributing this well written and informative blog on when to consult a workers’ comp lawyer:


Timing is everything … when protecting your work comp rights

Big thanks to Kevin Bunn for giving us an opportunity to do a guest blog post. Social media is giving lawyers around the country a chance to share ideas and better serve our clients. Here is our take on when you should hire a workers’ comp lawyer and what questions you should be asking.

Speak with a workers’ comp lawyer immediately following any serious work accident or injury. The first few days can be critical to avoiding future problems. You should promptly report the injury and seek appropriate medical attention. Many cases are won or lost depending on what the initial history shows.

Some people who call our office are unsure about hiring a workers’ comp lawyer. Many are receiving benefits and do not want to jeopardize their medical treatment or lost wages. You should know that benefits cannot be stopped just because you spoke with a lawyer.

Do not wait until your benefits have been disputed to seek help. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer can assist you with minor problems before they turn into major issues. All advice is confidential and your employer does not even need to know.

Questions to ask a potential workers’ comp lawyer

 Do you specialize in workers’ comp law? An experienced workers’ comp lawyer will be happy to discuss his or her qualifications with you. Watch out for lawyers who promise a result without reviewing medical records or having a face-to-face consultation.

Do you offer free telephone and office advice? Workers’ comp cases are typically handled on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay anything unless successful with your case. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer will evaluate your situation at no charge. It costs you nothing to find out about your legal rights.

Why do I need a workers’ comp lawyer? You may not be getting all the available workers’ comp benefits. Insurance companies routinely deny medical treatment and refuse to pay lost wages.  A workers’ comp lawyer can protect your legal rights and help you get a larger settlement.

Do you take cases to trial? Having a winning strategy can make all the difference in your case. The best way to increase settlement value is by preparing for trial. Costs should be advanced including hiring a medical expert if necessary. An experienced workers’ comp lawyer will not be afraid to hold your employer or its insurance company accountable.

Jeffrey Kaufman is a workers’ comp lawyer in Michigan. He has  recovered millions of dollars in benefits for his clients and never charges a fee to evaluate a case. He believes all injured workers deserve to be on equal footing with insurance companies and employers.



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