Below is an interesting video from the North Carolina Industrial Commission explaining the Employer’s duty to provide workers’ comp in North Carolina.

The fact is almost every business in the state that regularly employs three or more employees is required to provide workers’ compensation to its employees.  It makes no difference if the employees are full-time, part-time, or regularly employed seasonal workers.  The state and local governments are also required to provide workers’ compensation in North Carolina.  There are exceptions to the requirement, including (1) employees of certain railroads; (2) casual employees who do not perform work relating to the employer’s regular business; (3) domestic household servants; (4) farm laborers when fewer than ten full-time, non-seasonal farm laborers are regularly employed; (5) federal employees; and (6) “sellers of agricultural products for the producers thereof on commission or for other compensation, paid by the producers, provided the product is prepared for sale by the producer.”

Go here for more information on who is covered by NC workers’ compensation.

Employer fraud including employers who are uninsured for workers’ comp in North Carolina is a huge problem.  If you were hurt on the job in NC but your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance call or email for your free consultation with a Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Attorney.

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